25 Emerging Technologies: how many are you familiar with?

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According to Gartner, the main emerging technologies expand to twenty-five, some of them having to wait for full development in several years. Let’s see what they are.

In Gartner’s latest Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, the analysis firm concludes that there are 25 emerging technologies that are and will enable new experiences, accelerating the evolution of artificial intelligence and allowing it to be increasingly optimized.

This study identifies more than 2,000 technologies that should be known, although it believes that these 25 are the ones that have the greatest strength and chances of success.

The expansion of these technologies will be different and with different evolutions, some of them taking much longer than others to be operational and at full capacity.

In any case, Gartner groups emerging technological trends around three main themes :

  • Expansion of immersive experiences
  • AI Automation Acceleration
  • Technologist Delivery Optimization

Expansion of immersive experiences

Technology that evolves and expands experiences is important, because the future of all things digital lies in having the most immersive technology possible.

Within this catalog of technologies that are integrated there would be eight.

Technology Years to be at full capacity
the metaverse + 10
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) 2 – 5
The super apps 5 – 10
The Web3 5 – 10
The decentralized identity 5 – 10
What digital humans could be + 10
The customer’s digital twin 5 – 10
internal talent markets 5 – 10

AI Automation Acceleration

The technology that accelerates the automation of AI is extremely interesting and will mark the future, because it is gradually becoming an integral part of many products today, and that is not yet developed as it is thought to be in a few years. years.

In this type of technology, five stand out.

Technology Year to be at full capacity
autonomous systems 5 – 10
The causal AI 5 – 10
basic models 5 – 10
Generative Design AI 5 – 10
Machine learning code generation 5 – 10

Technologist Delivery Optimization

The set of technologies that are included in this third set of Technologist Optimized Delivery focuses on communities of product builders , everything that encompasses the services and possible solutions , as well as the platforms they will use for it.

In this third selection, Gartner identifies twelve technologies.

Technology Years to be at full capacity
Augmented FinOps 5 – 10
Cloud data ecosystems 2 – 5
cloud sustainability 2 – 5
computational storage 5 – 10
The cyber security mesh architecture + 10
data observation 5 – 10
The dynamics of risk 2 – 5
Industry cloud platforms 5 – 10
The minimum viable architecture 5 – 10
OpenTelemetry 2 – 5
platform engineering 2 – 5
Development driven by observation 5 – 10


In the long run, it is necessary for many of these technologies to see the light so that the exciting evolution that technology is experiencing in recent years continues, both at an individual level and for companies, whether or not they are in this sector.

As Melissa Davis, vice president, analyst at Gartner, says: “ It is essential for organizations to reduce the noise of emerging technologies to accelerate change based on leading innovations that drive efficiencies and differentiation.”

Something that will be difficult for it to materialize, since it is difficult to know which of all these technologies will end without specific development or will be linked together. In addition, the range of evolution varies from one to the other and their implementation, according to Gartner forecasts, can take between 2 and 10 years for them to be operational, a long time to speculate.

Source: Computerhoy.com

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