5 benefits of having a Smartwatch

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In 1812, when the famous Swiss-born watchmaker Abraham Breguet invented the first wristwatch in history (as a gift to the Queen of Naples and Napoleon’s younger sister, Caroline), he indeed did not imagine that his famous invention would serve many centuries later. Other things besides telling the time.

Almost 200 years had to pass for technology to turn traditional wristwatches into multifunctional devices known as Smartwatches (or smart watches), capable of measuring time with total precision and carrying out other tasks. Functions that until recently were unthinkable, such as answering phone calls, listening to music, writing an email, or even monitoring our health and exercise routines.

Despite this, many people in Colombia still perceive this class of devices as “unnecessary luxuries” with very few applications in daily life. In fact, according to data from the market research provider Euromonitor, Colombians are one of the consumers in the region that invest the least in ‘wearables’ or wearable devices, such as smartwatches. However, from the massive arrival of new brands and technology products in the country, this market has achieved significant growth in recent years, reaching a 386% increase in the purchase of ‘wearables’ in 2020 compared to 2014.

Do without the cell phone a bit:

There is no doubt that the cell phone is one of the essential elements of our life since, through it, we can carry out practically all the tasks we need to live, such as working, talking with our friends, shopping, and even playing in line. However, there are times when our cell phone can play a trick on us, and that is when a Smartwatch can come to our aid.

Thanks to today’s smartwatches, it is no longer necessary to take your cell phone out of your pocket to see who is calling us or to answer a WhatsApp message since we can do both from this device so as not to have to interrupt any important matter, such as a class at the university or a meeting at work. Many of them also allow you to answer phone calls, write emails, and even schedule and listen to the music you like the most. Allowing us to leave the cell phone for what is truly important.


Exercise intelligent and fun:

One of the scenarios where Colombians find it most challenging to achieve their goals is when exercising. Whether it is to lose weight, stay in shape, or simply for health reasons, the truth is that implementing an effective exercise routine is not an easy task, much less getting used to it. But it is practically impossible if we do it without the help of technology.

“Technology not only helps us measure our sports performance, but it can even provide us with the motivation that we often need to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, through constant monitoring and analysis of our personal data and activities. daily, so that we can verify our evolution in real time and thus adjust our routines to achieve the goals without putting our health at risk”, says Escobar.


Monitor our state of health:

In line with the above, Smartwatches are also very useful for monitoring our health, whether exercising or simply when we are asleep. Thus providing us with various data and valuable information that we can use to improve our lifestyle and prevent possible effects on our health, of course, always with the guidance and supervision of a trained doctor.

In this scenario, the Mi Watch can measure everything from the heart rate in real time, the level of oxygenation in the blood, and sleep quality to monitoring mental stress. Even though the data is collected from the time of rest and daily activity, this device can measure the energy we have left instantly, helping us understand why we are more tired or more active than necessary.


Autonomy for several hours:

Contrary to many smartphones, smart watches usually have greater autonomy, allowing them to offer the best user experience for several days and weeks. For example, the other ‘wearable’ from Xiaomi in the country, Mi Watch Lite, can last up to 9 days with just 2 hours of charging, thanks to its incredible 230mAh battery, which is capable of satisfying even the most demanding users. , offering up to 50 hours of continuous use at the top.


For all tastes and pockets:

The global Smartwatches market has grown significantly; only in the previous year’s first quarter, 13.7 million sold units were registered, 20% more than in 2019. It shows not only a great demand but also a great offer so that consumers can access one of these devices according to their needs, objectives, and, of course, their pockets.

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