5 exciting new features coming soon to Windows 11

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Windows 11 is far from perfect, so Microsoft keeps adding new features, some more interesting than others.

If you like to anticipate the future, you will surely be interested in knowing these five features that will arrive shortly in Windows 11 . They are already working in betas.

Personally, I will never recommend Windows 11 until they fix the poor taskbar, a drag when working with multiple windows open, as Windows 11 stacks them on top of each other, because it’s designed for small touchscreen laptop screens, not for monitors and mouse.

They could give you the option to choose, like in Windows 10 , but Microsoft has long decided what can or cannot be done , not the user. Luckily, it seems that Microsoft is already working on bringing this option back to the taskbar .

If you are part of that small percentage of 15% of Windows users who use Windows 11 (what happens when you don’t let users decide), you will surely be interested in learning about these 5 new features that will soon arrive in Windows 11 .

5 future features of Windows 11

Windows 11 recently released the second major bi-monthly update, Windows 11 22H2 , which has broken more than it has. Luckily, they recently fixed the issues with gaming performance .

This update left out a few new features , which are already circulating in betas, as Neowin has discovered . Let’s see what they bring.

animated icons

Something that Windows 11 cannot be denied is that it has a beautiful and elegant design. And Microsoft is going to influence it.

Some early previews have seen animated icons in the Start Menu . It’s not a feature that people demand or bring anything, but it’s always nice to work in a fancy environment.

a clock with seconds

The Windows 11 taskbar clock only shows the minutes. There are times when you might want to count the seconds, but that option doesn’t exist… until now.

In some of the beta versions, the second hand on the clock has already been implemented :

It’s another one of those things that should let you choose from day one.

At the moment there is nothing groundbreaking here, let’s see if we have something with more “chicha”…

improved widgets

I don’t know anyone who uses Windows Widgets , but Microsoft continues to insist on including them, because it is still determined that we use the PC as if it were a mobile or a tablet.

At least the improvements that are coming will make them more practical and interesting.

Full Screen Widgets , which offer more space to display information , are already being tested . Third-party Widgets will also be allowed , any app will be able to create its own, and even independent Widgets that will be offered through the Windows Store.

A meaningful search box… finally!

When you tap on the Windows 11 search box , instead of typing in the box itself, a window opens that forces you to type at the top. Another one of those incomprehensible design decisions.

Microsoft is already testing what should be the default option from the beginning: that you can type in the search box itself , as it has been done all life.

Improved Task Manager

The latest update already includes an improved Task Manager, but you have to activate it manually and it has some bugs, so better wait for Microsoft to include it by default.

The new Task Manager now has a much-needed box to find running processes, dark mode, more consistent menus, and other welcome improvements.

We still haven’t heard from any improvements to the taskbar, both in what we mentioned about deploying open perks, and in another thing people are asking for: being able to move the taskbar wherever you want, since now it can only be positioned down.

They are new future features of Windows 11 that were in Windows 10 but have incomprehensibly been removed in Windows 11. Why don’t users have the right to choose how to use our computer? Giving options is always good, removing them is not, Microsoft.

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