7 tricks to reduce the use of mobile phones

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Sleeping all night at once, without waking up, without shocks, and in a totally pleasant way is a luxury. That is why the tips and tricks that we are going to tell you to minimize the incidence of mobile phones with our night rest can be very interesting.

It is clear that one of the fundamental parts to achieve good health is to sleep well every night , pleasantly and without waking up, something in which the mobile is not very advisable.

On the subject of achieving this peace of mind, mobile devices do not help much, since not everyone can resist taking a last look before going to sleep or listening to a notification, be able to resist and not go to the screen to find out who has written

There are people who cannot avoid it and before going to sleep take a look at everything that is on the mobile , both notifications, emails, news or even the latest uploaded by the influencer they follow.

This can cause fewer hours of sleep , which is fundamental, but it can also impair sleep hygiene itself , making it difficult or changing its parameters, causing us to wake up more times or not being able to make it deep. Use of Mobile Phones.

The best thing is that we try these tips that we are going to give you to improve sleep hygiene.

As if there was no phone in bed

The most effective way to reduce the use of the mobile when we are going to have a hard time is not to have it present in the room or at least not to have it on the nightstand, being able to leave it on another table that we have, which is so far away that we force us to get up to catch it, something that is usually a good deterrent system.

There are two main reasons why we should avoid using the phone before going to sleep.

  • Blue light emission: all devices of this type emit blue light that can affect the sleep cycle, since it can suppress the production of melatonin, which is responsible for helping us fall asleep.
  • The content: we have so much content and possibilities on the mobile that spending a long time with it before going to sleep can cause overstimulation and distraction that can make sleep very difficult.

Set a sleep mode

One of the ways to improve everything related to how we sleep is to be constant and have as fixed a schedule as possible.

This makes our body naturally adjust to a specific sleep routine, making it easier for you to rest.

If we do not want the mobile phone to be outside the room, in case we receive an urgent call, we can take advantage of it and the functions it has regarding sleep.

For example, we can configure the Rest concentration mode on our iPhone with iOS 16 , to create a sleep schedule and reduce distractions at bedtime.

To achieve this we must go to Settings > Concentration modes > Rest (if it does not appear, click on + and we will see it) and from here, we can configure which apps and people we allow access to, customize the screen , we can set the mode schedule and even We will add filters.

With an Android phone, we can customize a sleep schedule using Sleep Mode .

To enable this mode we must go to Settings> Digital well-being and parental controls> Rest Mode. 

From here we can configure it to our liking, setting the schedule for it to be active, if we don’t want to be disturbed, except in an emergency, or if we want to put the screen in black and white, among other things.

apps to sleep

There are currently a wide variety of third-party sleeping applications to choose from and thus improving our sleep hygiene.

We recommend a free app (although you can also subscribe) called Insight Timer with which you will listen to relaxing music that can help you at bedtime or if what we prefer is that they tell us a story, we will also be able to choose this option.

Insight Timer also provides sleep tips or tricks, plus guided sleep meditation sessions.

We will be able to download it for both iOS and Android.

No more bedtime emails

Although at first, it may seem harmless and that all you are doing is reading the emails for the next day, the truth is that it can be mentally stimulating, which will make us stay awake and make it much more difficult for us to sleep.

That’s why it’s best to stay away from emails at bedtime.

If we take advantage of any of the ways that we have seen before to go to sleep, the emails will not jump on the screen, which will make the temptation to read them null.

Blue light filter and dark mode

One of the main reasons why you should avoid your smartphone or other similar devices at bedtime is because of the blue light emission from your screens, which negatively affects your sleep cycle.

What we can do is program the blue light filter on our Android phone to reduce it on the screen.

For that, we must go to Settings> Screen and then you will have, depending on each phone, some options such as a blue light filter, night light, or eye comfort shield, among other names. Just activating it will do.

analog alarm clock

We can be more radical not only by leaving our mobile phones out of the room but can buy an alarm clock to go off in the morning instead of our smart device, which will also help to avoid the temptation to engage in night activities that are not good for our well-being. Use of Mobile Phones.

Also, if we usually wake up in the middle of the night and check our smartphones, an analog alarm clock will help us avoid this habit.

Other relaxing actions

We should say goodbye to movie nights, watch several episodes of a series, or play right until bedtime.

We might welcome more relaxing activities that help you sleep better and get a good night’s rest.

We should carry out actions that do not involve screens, but we should, for example, read a book, write in a physical journal or meditate. These activities will allow us to arrive at lunchtime much more rested.

Now that you know these tips and tricks to reduce the use of mobile phones in bed and improve your sleep, your health will surely thank you.

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