7 Ways Linux Can Help You Save

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If you are going through financial difficulties you have to know that there are software alternatives to save a little. Using Linux brings with it different advantages, let’s see the 7 main ones.

It is clear that the war in Ukraine has brought with it various collateral problems that have affected the economy around the world, still resentful of the pandemic two years ago.

Switching to Linux on your computer can be a great way to save even if it seems illogical at first. Let’s see how you can save using this alternative operating system to Windows and Mac OS.

We will not only save on the cost of the operating system since, yes, Windows also has an initial cost just like Mac OS and you pay with the price of the equipment.

The prices of electricity and gas are not good, but let’s see how you can avoid certain additional expenses with the computer using the open-source operating system of the Tux penguin.

  • The operating system and most apps are free
  • Your computer will not become obsolete so fast
  • You can revitalize your old PC
  • Buying secondhand makes sense
  • You don’t need to pay for more features
  • Protection from disappearing companies, and your software too
  • Linux and privacy, keep your data local

The operating system and most apps are free

In most cases, we find Linux distros that are free and come with free office software and general use, with its software and security updates.

It also happens with many additional programs such as LaTex, astronomy software, or even video editing software.

Obviously, we will need to spend time making the switch and learning how to use the new applications, and all of this has a learning curve.

But after that time, you’ll be riding just as efficiently as before and much more versatile.

Your computer will not become obsolete so fast

Running Linux on your computer can mean that you continue to use your computer for as long as you want. You do not enter the wheel of this limitation, many times artificial not because the hardware cannot move it, for which software developers declare the end of life of the software.

Linux will continue to offer updates to the equipment until you decide to change it due to a lack of power or because it passes away.

PCs or Macs are computers for which Microsoft and Apple decide to stop offering software updates after a few years and that does not mean that they are not perfectly capable machines.

You can revitalize your old PC

Like it or not, Linux has more modest system requirements and there is no product license as such for most distros, so you can install it on older machines.

This clearly opens up a world of possibilities, that is, if your laptop is dragging with Windows, it is likely that with Linux it can work more freely.

In fact, you’d be surprised how well a 10-year-old PC can run if you swap out the hard drive for an SSD, add more RAM, and install a lightweight Linux distro.

If you change the SSD and RAM on a Windows PC you will notice the difference too, of course, but the difference in performance is palpable in the same case with Linux.

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