Digital Newspaper Archives, a bit of history with the Newspapers

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Digital newspaper libraries store newspapers, magazines, and all kinds of publications, generally on paper, although it is also possible to find audio and video files. Depending on the resource we are looking for, we can access documents from even several hundred years ago, instantly transporting us to historical moments. They are, therefore, a common resource in large libraries and, for some time, also on the Internet and can be used in the classroom to study and review events and events from the past. How to find the best digital newspaper archives? Below we review some of the most interesting you can find.


It is a space where magazines and newspapers are stored, ordered, preserved, and classified for consultation.

The mission of the Newspaper Library is to facilitate access to bibliographic material by providing the necessary services to satisfy the demand according to the type of user.

In the Newspaper Library, you can consult the magazines and newspapers located in the general deposit. They have published periodicals, whose fund is increased by purchase, exchange, or donation. A part of these documents is microfilmed and digitized.

The bibliographical heritage is made up of more than 4,500 magazine titles (Argentine, Latin American, and foreign) and approximately 650 newspaper titles, standing out as the valuable collection of 19th-century newspapers, in some cases unique in the country. In the room, the last two years received free access to national and local current newspapers.

Attentive to the preservation of newspapers, the consultation must be adapted to the following modality:

– The demographic material is for on-site consultation only.

– Microfilmed newspapers are only consulted on that medium.

– Consultation of newspapers prior to 1960 will be subject to your physical condition.

Users can use computers with wi-fi Internet access.

The Newspaper Library has a reference base by topic that is updated daily.

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