Disney + with ads opens today, with price increase included

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That big disappointment called cheap plans with ads is already on Disney + and on Netflix. Nothing cheap.

Disney + today launches its “cheap” plan with ads in the United States. Basically what it has done is maintain the price that was there, and raise the subscription without advertising. This plan will arrive in Spain in 2023.

Starting today, the ad-free Disney+ subscription goes up from $7.99 to $10.99 in the United States. The annual subscription now costs $109.99.

The new Disney+ plan with ads is priced at $7.99, the same as the fee without ads until yesterday.

In Spain, the fee without ads currently costs 8.99 euros, but most likely it will rise to 9.99 euros or even more in 2023 when the plan with advertising is presented. If you have a Disney+ account, our advice is to renew on the last day of the year, before the price goes up.

In the case of Netflix, currently, the plan with ads costs 5.49 euros, and the basic plan without ads costs 7.99 euros.

What does the quota offer with Disney+ ads?

Contrary to what happens with Netflix, where movies and series are missing, the Disney+ catalog will be the same, with or without advertising. Something logical, since all the content of Disney + belongs to the company, is something that does not happen with Netflix.

4 minutes of ads will be broadcast for every hour of broadcast. There will be no alcohol, tobacco, or political ads. Nor the competition. Young children’s accounts will not have ads. Downloads, viewing content with other people in remote mode, or Dolby Atmos sound will also not be allowed.

Streaming companies promised us cheap ad-supported plans. But, as we see, it is not so. What they have done is raise the price for the current plans, and leave the current price for the plans with ads.

On the other hand, the difference between fees with and without advertising is only 2 or 3 euros. Would you rather swallow 10 ads for each episode of Andor or Stranger Things, rather than stop eating a couple of bags of chips or a couple of coffees at the bar per month, which cost those 2 euros? I would certainly opt for the latter.

Disney+ has released its plan with ads today and has raised the price for the rest. It will arrive in Spain in 2023, although we do not know the month. If you plan to renew, do it before the end of the year, or the rise will catch you.

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