Features Of Coinsbit That Make It Popular

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A centralized platform for trading, purchasing, and selling virtual assets, Coinsbit, was introduced in 2018. Coinsbit is regarded as the most reliable site for cryptocurrency trading. It asserts that there are a startling 2,000,000 Coinsbit users globally. Not only that, but Coinsbit also functions as a P2P lending and offers OTC trading. 

More than six fiat options and many cryptocurrency pairings are available. Also, the Coinsbit staking pool enables users to gain cryptocurrency assets. Thus, if you are thinking about joining the Coinsbit exchange, you could desire to read this evaluation. Below, you will learn about the features of Coins Bit. 

Features Of Coinsbit

1. Standard And Pro Models

A cryptocurrency trading platform called Coinsbit is really a strong crypto exchange in India. This platform, which has a great number of active customers, has effectively established a niche in the crypto market for itself and is presently thriving in more than 73 distinct crypto markets.

In addition to stablecoins like Tether, other popular virtual assets include Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. Among the few trading platforms that provide two service levels, Pro and Classic, each with distinct features, according to a trader’s prior expertise. If you are a beginner, you must choose the standard model. 

2. Trading Volume

Among the main elements affecting a platform’s availability is its trading volume. The user’s prospects of liquidating their assets without incurring a lot of charges on the transfer are better the more liquid the company is. Users are able to maximize their daily transactions while turning the majority of their assets into cash.

The Coinsbit exchange is a fantastic choice in this situation! Due to the exchange’s large daily trading volumes, buyers of all sizes may place a wager with confidence. Furthermore, Coinsbit’s advantage over rivals is largely attributed to the higher trade volumes. More trades are expected in the next few years. 

3. OTC Desk

Another fantastic feature luring large-cap buyers to Coinsbit is obviously OTC desk. This newly developed feature was released with the goal of enabling large-cap buyers to access efficient trading with a speedy resolution. Users that utilize the OTC desk have access to deals they could not wish to operate in the market because of slippage.

The OTC desk, which was built on the B2P tenet, also indicates that a recognized partner in each nation will be facilitating the conversion of cryptocurrencies into that nation’s fiat money. Customers will withdraw money from local coins and deposit it using a variety of payment methods.

4. Withdrawal Fee

The trading charge on any cryptocurrency trading platform may be a huge blow or a great opportunity for traders to lose money. Nonetheless, the price to do any trade-in with Coinsbit is 0.20% of the order, which is quite affordable when contrasted with the typical industry rate. 

An earlier empirical study of withdrawal fees discovered that 0.00053 Bitcoin was the usual withdrawal fee in Bitcoin. As a result, Coinsbit assesses a withdrawal charge of 0.0005 Bitcoin, which is in line with the previously mentioned global industry standard. You can use the Coinsbit app

5. Customer Support

Coinsbit is a reliable crypto exchange platform, giving trading chances to both novices and specialists alike but focusing mostly on professional traders. Together with the fundamental features for trading cryptocurrencies, the exchange also offers essential services like staking and lending. For any type of service, you can ask questions. 

The customer support of Coinsbit is quite better than that of other crypto trading platforms. You will get your questions answered within a short time only. If you are having a problem, feel free to ask questions. Do not hesitate. After all, you are trying to risk your money with cryptocurrencies. 

6. Security

Coinsbit is a secure platform with cold storage for all crypto assets. As a result, assets are safe since there is no vulnerability between them. The platform uses WAF as well to defend against hacker assaults on its website. For people who wish to deal in cryptocurrencies, Coinsbit looks to be a great trading platform.

Coinsbit verification makes the exchange reliable. In addition to only cryptocurrency trading, the site provides a vast array of other services. There also exists a special FAQ area that details the many features and functions including joining up. You can deposit cryptocurrencies either in a hot wallet or a cold wallet. 


From this post, you have seen the features of Coinsbit. In light of this, Coinsbit—despite being primarily designed for experienced crypto traders—seems to be a trustworthy site for both novice and experienced traders. In addition to the primary crypto trading features, the platform also enables other significant solutions like staking and lending.

Know how to trade on Coinsbit from any useful guide. Nevertheless, given that the platform is nevertheless in its infancy, there exist certain negatives, including subpar customer service, exorbitant withdrawal costs, withdrawal limitations, and a dearth of information. Eventually, you can choose this Indian crypto exchange. 

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