How to download a video from twitter

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Twitter has become one of the most widely used social networking sites, with countless tweets, photographs, GIFs, and videos shared every day. Videos of many kinds are available online, from comedies to memes to documentaries to sports highlights.

Twitter also hosts GIFs, many of which are animated versions of popular memes or other comedic content. If you use Twitter frequently and come across various videos and GIFs that you find interesting and wish to keep for future reference, you can do so with the help of a third-party app.

Twitter does not allow users to directly download videos or other posts. The finest Twitter video downloading tool is the key to downloading videos from the platform.

How to download Twitter videos on Android Smartphones and Tabs with Twitter video download?

1. Initially, you have to copy the video or GIF address from official Twitter app or website.

2. Search the video or GIF and give a long press on the video or GIF and select Copy video address or Copy GIF address.

3. You can also copy the video or GIF URL from address bar after pressing on the video or GIF post. The other way is press the share icon and select Copy link to tweet option.

4. Now the video or GIF address is copied and go to in your browser.

5. Paste the video or GIF address in the input box by pressing long on it and select paste option.

6. Tap or press the download symbol button and the video or GIF based on the URL will be displayed.

7. You can play the video or GIF and there will be different video quality Download options.

8. Press Download button in the quality you want the video or GIF and the video or GIF will be opened in a new tab.

9. You will find a button with three dots press it and you will get an option Download press it and the download will start.

How to Download Twitter videos and GIFs on iPhone and iPad using Twitter video download?

1. Firstly, you have to download and install Documents app.

2. Go to Twitter official app or website and find the video or GIF that you want to save permanently.

3. When you found, Tap the share button and select Copy link to tweet option.

4. You can also copy video or GIF address by tapping the video or GIF post from the address bar. Another way is, give a long press on video or GIF an option will appear Copy video address for video and Copy GIF address for GIF.

5. Now open Documents application that you have installed and tap the browser.

6. Open twitter video download in the browser and paste the video or GIF address you have copied in the input box.

7. Tap the download symbol button and in a few seconds it will load the video or GIF with Download buttons of different video resolutions.

8. Then the video or GIF of Twitter will load in a new page. You can find three dots button on the right side of video or GIF tap that button and select Download option.

9. The video or GIF will start downloading and will be saved.

10. Tap Done button and go to the main screen and you will find a Downloads folder where you can get the downloaded Twitter video or GIF.


This blog have the easier and the best procedure for downloading Twitter videos and GIFs that are your favorite. Use Twitter video download to download Twitter videos and GIFs quickly. We have provided information about how to download Twitter videos and GIFs on Smartphones (mobiles), Computers, Laptops, Tabs, iphone, and ipad.

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