How to download Stories, photos, and more from Instagram with Imginn

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Thanks to the website Save Insta or Imginn, formerly known as SaveIG, it is now possible to save or download Instagram posts. With this website, you can download posts, Stories, profile photos, reels, and even Stories from any public account.

Sometimes we come across Instagram profiles that we really like and want to save their images. To do this, we use a website that allows us to download all of the desired profile content as long as the profile is public. All of this is due to SaveIG.

ImgInn, download everything from Instagram

It’s really simple to download publications or Stories from Instagram. In the section below, we’ll show you how to access the ImgInn website and download any publications or Stories you need.

the Imginn website, please. You will only see a search box where you may enter the name of the desired profile.

You must type the name of the desired account into the search field above in order to find the account from which we want to download the images.

The name of the account will now show up after the search.

When you access their profile, three buttons—Publications, Stories, and Tagged—will be visible.

The publications button allows us to see all of the account’s publications along with a link to download the ones we choose. You should be aware that the photographs’ download quality is 72 dpi, so don’t anticipate the photos to be of exceptionally high quality.

By clicking the Stories button, you may view all of your saved Stories as well as those you’ve created just that day. To download a Story, simply click the download link, and an mp4 video file will be downloaded.

To use Imginn on a mobile device, all you need to do is access the internet and search for the Instagram account you want to save your images from. We’ve included a few screenshots of the mobile view for you.

Save Insta, another website to download Instagram content

A different website called “Save from Instagram” or “Save Insta” allows us to download any content we desire, including publications, Stories, and even the Reels and profile pictures of anyone we choose. if the account is open to the public.

We must first go to the Save Insta website, which functions very similarly to SaveIG.

As SaveIG is one of the greatest solutions for this work, you may use these websites to download profile images, Stories, publications, and any other Instagram account material. You can also download the photos and publications of a private profile, but only if you have added that contact.

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