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The popularity of cryptocurrency has caught the attention of big celebrities from diverse fields. They all have their share of experiences with crypto usage and promotion. Now according to the latest crypto news, Matt Damon a well-known face in Hollywood has made some revelations about his involvement in the creation of a cryptocurrency commercial called’’ Fortune Favors the Brave’’ with a crypto exchange. Well, this crypto ad did not fetch him appraisal but instead got criticized for his involvement in it. Let us know more about this issue in this article. 

Hollywood actor Matt Damon shares his crypto commercial story

Matt Damon is a popular name in Hollywood entertainment as an actor and producer too. But this article is not about the discussion on his films and achievements, but about a crypto commercial story that has been shared by him. Sharing his experience, the actor mentioned his involvement in the creation of a cryptocurrency advertisement with a crypto trading platform, during an interview session with Associated Press recently. 

The Oscar-winning Hollywood star is popular for the roles he did in films like Good Will Hunting, Bourne Franchise, Saving Private Ryan, and The Martian. Coming back to his crypto commercial story, it was an attempt to raise money for an international nonprofit organization, 

As the name suggests, it aims to help poor people by helping them access safe water and improve sanitation via affordable financing. The Martian actor even gave his entire salary to this organization as it was much down. When crypto exchange came to know about it, they initiated the $1 million amount to be given to So the actor paid much gratitude to the latter organization. 

How is Matt Damon related to

The Hollywood actor Matt Damon is known to be the person behind the co-foundation of the international non-profit organization, which focuses on facilitating sanitation and safe water to people living in poverty. The crypto commercial ad ‘’Fortune Favors the Brave’’ was released by exchange featuring actor Matt Damon. The direction of this advertisement was done by Wally Pfister, the Oscar-winning American director. 

Criticism of commercial

But what was expected of the commercial in the hope of getting applauded, it rather faced criticism. Some people even called this advertisement misleading. Even though it presented cryptocurrency as a secure and simple way to earn money, it did not go well in the eyes of critics who considered it a promotional investment strategy that is not at all stable and is not under any regulation. Some individuals even thought that Matt Damon did not do this commercial just to show the benefits of cryptocurrency. According to them, he was genuinely not interested in it but was only keen to earn a profit. 


So this is the crypto commercial story of Matt Damon that you have been reading in this article. There is so much to explore in the crypto verse including Tron USDT trading view, and so on. Today this new digital financial world is not limited to only Bitcoin just because of its global popularity. Now you can also search for Tether cryptocurrency and other potential altcoins about their features and price predictions on websites like Cryptoknowmics. 

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