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Lance Tsosie Wife – A tikTok content creator with 2.3 million followers who talks about his indigenous ancestry, family history, and the planet’s history. Ninety-one million people have liked his videos about Native American culture and important local news. He informs followers about his personal life on his modern warrior__ Instagram account.

Who is Lance Tsosie Wife?

The Navajo TikToker Lance Tsosie is best known for creating the now-famous phrase “hello coloniser,” which refers to white nationalists and bigots. He frequently posts videos in response to offensive videos. Additionally, he uses the forum to inform his three million fans about his Native American ancestry and the issues facing native people.

Lance Tsosie Wife Before Fame

His first TikTok, published in December 2020, showed a Navajo Nation sunset.


On TikTok, he posted a link to his online store where followers could buy shirts bearing the message “hello coloniser” on the front. Rock climbing is one of his hobbies, and he routinely publishes films taken at the rock gym.

Family Life

With his dog Appa by his side, he had traversed the globe.

Associated With

He posted a movie with mountains and a cityscape set to John Trudell’s song “Of Many Realities.”

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