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Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Lifestyle is putting much effort into how guys live and present themselves as grooms. It is beneficial to dress as decently as possible.

They are more connected to their identity, the male audience has radically changed their consumption experience. Before, the market was formed by men dressed by women, today they are the ones who go shopping and choose what they want to wear.

Trend and consumption

Fashion trends are directly linked to style and male consumer preferences for a particular season of the year. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to them to know how to adapt the news to your tastes. Shopkeepers, in turn, are guided by the needs and desires of their audience.

Stamping, for example, has increasingly pleased the consumer. Welcome in every wardrobe, T-shirts with large, small, stripes, full, or centered prints remain present in most collections, especially if your audience is streetwear.

Comfort and versatility are other characteristics that have been dominating the market, as men value freedom of movement and want to take advantage of the work and look for celebrations with friends in happy hours after work. After all, why waste time changing clothes?


Who is the Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Lifestyle?

To answer this question more accurately, we based ourselves on a study carried out by Unilever that identified 5 profiles of young Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming lifestyle, who are distinguished by their way of acting and thinking. Below, we will present each of them, keep reading and check it out:


Look Arts of Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Lifestyle

True worshipers of contemporary pop culture, free of beauty standards and codes, the men present in this group see aesthetics as an expression of their cultural baggage.Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Accessories and tattoos are part of her style, which is very experimental and authentic. Not afraid to be daring, they are always adopting a new haircut, as they like to assume different appearances.


Look Roots of Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Lifestyle

It represents the man who wants to look original and exalt his roots. Vain, they like to flaunt their beauty and are proud of their ethnic origin, which they represent through compositions with expensive accessories. Black culture, hip-hop, and rap have a great influence on their universe.


Look Fresh

It represents men who are looking for classic and basic clothes, in neutral colors so as not to run the risk of making a mistake in the combination.

They seek to convey the idea of ​​a correct, dedicated, and hardworking man and believe that their way of the dressing helps to materialize their internal content.

Vanity is synonymous with hygiene and taking care of themselves is being mature and responsible. This is why they like to always be tidy with Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Lifestyle.


Natural Look

She doesn’t waste a lot of time getting ready, as she believes in a more comfortable and careless style. He values ​​naturalness, taking vanity as something trivial.

It is part of his identity to appear carefree from commercial standards, in this way he expresses his beliefs. This man links care to need.


Look Hot

The male lifestyle is led by aesthetics. It represents the man who wants to have a perfect body, even if this implies deprivation in the personal and social sphere. Follow a regulated diet and a regular training routine.

He believes that vanity is essential to perfect beauty, being very sensitive to others’ opinions of his appearance.


The male Grooming Lifestyle wants speed and simplicity

In general, a characteristic present in most males is the search for a specific piece when they go shopping. In addition, they value a quick and simple purchase journey, in which the fewer options the better.

Therefore, niche stores focused on a single product segment, such as shoes, sportswear, or social clothing, tend to be successful among men.

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