Qiuzziz – Main functions of Qiuzziz

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Qiuzziz – What method or tool do you usually use in class to assess students? Qiuzziz is a gamification tool that allows you to evaluate students while having fun. Similar to Kahoot, it offers the possibility of creating questionnaires of different types, for different subjects and educational levels. Making use of those that other teachers have already created within the platform.

How does Qiuzziz work? Types of qiuzziz and game modes

First of all, registering in the tool is very simple. The fastest is through a Google account. For their part, students do not need to register as it will be the teacher who will provide them with access to the Qiuzziz through a ‘game pin’.Thus, after registering, there are five types of questionnaires that are available to create in the tool:

Multiple Answer: Only one answer is correct.

Checkbox: the student has to mark several options that are considered correct.

Fill in the ‘blank’ space: the students have to write the answer in the space provided for it. Allows a maximum of 160 characters.

Open-ended’ response: Enabled for a maximum of 1,000 characters, these responses are not graded and are useful for answering a question that requires the student to develop and argue the response.

Survey: it can be configured so that the student only marks one option or several. With them, you can know the tastes of the students on a specific topic (literature, cinema…On the other hand, it must be taken into account that this platform has two main modes when creating online questionnaires:

‘Live’: students play in real time offering the possibility of playing in ‘classic‘, with which students progress at their own pace and the teacher can see the results at the moment; or ‘instructor-paced’, where the teacher can control the pace so that everyone moves through each question together.

As homework: they are tests created for the student to do at home, with a delivery date and time. In this case, the test results are received by the teacher. Likewise, these questionnaires have customizable options such as the subject to which it belongs, and for what level it is indicated. If more points are given to the fastest students to answer or if the time spent does not serve to get more points, which can show students the correct or incorrect answers, or add music or images, among others.

Main functions of Qiuzziz

In addition to creating questionnaires from scratch, there are other interesting features in the administration panel of the tool. We highlight the following:

Find a test: in this section, the teacher can directly search for existing questionnaires or tests on the platform, adapting them to the content of the subject and the educational level of the students.In addition, to the questionnaires created from scratch, you can incorporate the (edited) questions that have already been formulated by other teachers.

Collections: All the tests will be organized by collections, so it is easier to see all the questionnaires at a glance.

Reports: offers all the results in real-time of the students (correct and incorrect answers or the time they have spent on each of them, among other questions).

Creation of memes: it is a way of personalizing the tests with funny ‘memes’ when the students get it right or wrong.

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