Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly: The Smart Way to Make Money

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Are you holding onto gift cards that you know you will never use? Instead of letting them gather dust in a drawer, why not sell them online and earn some cash? In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of selling gift cards online, including the ability to make quick money and discounts on popular items.

We will also give you a lowdown on the five best places to sell gift cards for cash or discounts, including options like ClipKard, Gameflip, and Raise. Additionally, we’ll cover the pros and cons of selling gift cards online and tips for doing so safely. Lastly, we will introduce you to which offers the best deal, offers instant cash payout, and provides excellent customer service. Ready to turn your unused gift cards into cash? Keep reading!

Benefits of Selling Gift Cards Online

There are many benefits to selling gift cards online. One of the primary advantages is that it can help people get cash quickly and easily. There are many websites and online marketplaces that allow individuals to sell their unused gift cards for cash or trade them for other gift cards. These include CardCash, ClipKard, eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook. Another option is to trade gift cards with friends, family, or co-workers, which often results in an immediate cash payment.

Participating in free rewards programs, such as Swagbucks, can also lead to free gift cards. By completing simple tasks like taking surveys, shopping online, or watching videos, individuals can earn Swagbucks which they can then redeem for gift cards. Online gift card sales have become increasingly popular as people look for ways to turn their unused gift cards into cash, and the availability of multiple options makes it easier than ever to do so.

5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash and Discounts

If you have unused gift cards lying around, don’t let them go to waste. Instead, consider selling them to one of the many online marketplaces designed for that purpose. One such marketplace is ClipKard, which accepts gift cards from over 100 retailers with a minimum value of $15. Prepaid2Cash is another option that allows for cashing out gift cards.

Cardpool is an online exchange where you can sell gift cards for cash or discounts from their listing of almost 1,000 retailers. Raise is also an online gift card exchange that pays you for unused gift cards. If you are looking for the highest payout for used gift cards, look no further than GiftCardZen, which pays up to 92% of the balance on the gift card. Overall, there are plenty of smart ways to sell your unused gift cards for cash or discounts online.

1. is a reliable online platform that allows you to sell unwanted physical gift cards for cash. This service is available for more than 100 retailers, with department stores and fast food restaurants being the most popular. In order to sell a gift card with, the minimum value must be $15.

Payment for sold gift cards is typically made via PayPal within 48 hours, making it a quick and convenient way to get cash for your unwanted gift cards. Other services such as Gift Card Granny, CardCash and Cash4GiftCardsAmerica also offer similar services, but stands out for its user-friendly interface and prompt payment process.

If you have unwanted gift cards lying around, these platforms provide a smart way to make a little extra cash or use the discount to make a purchase of your choosing.

2. ClipKard

If you’re looking to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash or discounts, there are several online platforms you can use. One such platform is ClipKard, which accepts physical gift cards from more than 100 retailers. Popular options include Bed, Bath & Beyond, CVS, Disney Store, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, The Gap, Hollister, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Marriott, Starbucks, Subway, Victoria’s Secret, and Walmart.

ClipKard pays for shipping of the cards via USPS First Class Mail, and you can also use USPS Priority Mail, but it will be deducted from the payment total. Payment options include cash deposited to PayPal or a paper check. Overall, if you’re looking to sell your gift cards quickly and easily, ClipKard is a reliable option that offers a range of payment options and accepts a wide range of retailers.

3. Gameflip

If you’re looking to sell gift cards for cash or discounts, Gameflip is a great option to consider. This platform is specifically designed for gamers, so it’s the perfect place to sell gift cards for gaming-related products and services. To get started, simply list your gift card along with your selling price. Gameflip will suggest discounting it by 2-15% of its value to make it more appealing to buyers.

When your gift card sells, Gameflip will take an 8% commission and a 2% digital fee for each transaction. The money from selling your gift card will be transferred into your Gameflip wallet, and can be withdrawn using digital payment systems such as Bitcoin, Payoneer, Skrill, or Wise. It’s worth noting that PayPal is not supported on Platform. Overall, Gameflip is a reliable and efficient platform to sell your gift cards for cash and discounts.

4. Raise

If you’re looking to sell your unwanted gift cards for cash or discounts, Raise is one of the best places to do so. As the largest online gift card marketplace, Raise allows you to set your own selling price for over 4,000 different brands. However, it’s important to note that there may be restrictions on certain cards.

When you sell a gift card on Raise, there is a commission fee of 15% of the selling price. You can choose to receive your payout by check (with an additional fee of $30), ACH deposit, or PayPal.

To ensure that your card sells quickly, it’s a good idea to price it competitively and make sure it has a balance of at least $5. With its user-friendly website and wide selection of brands available for sale, Raise is a smart choice for anyone looking to sell their gift cards online.

Where to Sell Gift Cards for Cash Instantly

If you have unwanted or unused gift cards lying around, selling them for cash is the smart way to make money. There are several online marketplaces where you can sell your gift cards instantly for cash. Websites such as CardCash and ClipKard allow you to sell your gift cards for cash and receive instant payment or payment within a few days.

Alternatively, you can list your gift cards for sale through online marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook. Online retailers offering instant cash for gift cards perform quick checks and accept gift cards from over 100 retailers.

A great perk is that services such as KardClip also cover the shipping costs if you wish to send in your physical gift cards. With these options available, it’s easy to sell gift cards and turn them into cash in no time.

Pros and Cons of Selling Gift Cards Online

Selling gift cards online can be a convenient way to make money quickly. The process is simple and fast – sellers can set their own prices and control their listings, making it a flexible option. But there are drawbacks as well. One of the major cons is that sellers have to wait for the gift card to arrive before payment is issued, which can take time.

If you’re hesitant to sell gift cards online, another option is to trade them with someone you know – this can be a good way to get the value you need while also helping someone else. Ultimately, the decision to sell online or trade is up to you and what works best for your situation. Just be sure to do your research and choose a reputable site if you decide to sell your gift cards online.

Tips for Selling Gift Cards Online Safely

When it comes to selling gift cards online, safety should always be a top priority. First and foremost, make sure to use a reputable platform that guarantees the safety and security of your transactions. Additionally, do your research and compare prices across different websites to ensure you’re getting the best value for your gift cards.

Never sell your gift cards on platforms like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, as these can increase the risk of fraudulent activity. It’s always a smart move to verify the legitimacy of buyers before making any transactions.

Look for sites that offer fraud protection and guarantee the balance of your gift card. Following these tips will help you sell gift cards online instantly and easily.

Why Choose

There are several websites like where you can sell your unwanted gift cards for cash. However, choosing the right platform can be challenging. should be your foremost choice because they pay instantly once you’ve agreed to their offer. With a quick and easy sign-up process, offers a reliable and trustworthy platform to sell your gift cards safely.

You have the option to sell or trade your gift card with another family member or a friend. Their secure payment platform ensures the safe and quick transfer of cash into your account. Choose Cash for Gift Card for an instant, stress-free, and convenient way to sell your gift cards online.



In conclusion, selling gift cards online is an excellent way to earn some extra cash or discounts. From the benefits of selling gift cards online to the top places that offer the most cash back or discounts, we’ve covered it all. While there are a lot of options to choose from, it’s essential to take certain precautions to sell your cards safely.

Always choose a trusted and reliable online platform to sell your gift cards for cash instantly. At, we stand by our commitment to providing you with the best value for your unwanted gift cards. So why wait? Sell your gift cards online now and turn them into cash or discounts instantly!

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