The 7 Outlook tips that will help you get through your day

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It is clear that Microsoft Outlook tips are one of the best email clients out there, but we are sure that it will be much more effective if we use the shortcuts that you are going to read about in this article.

Microsoft Outlook is an email client with a large number of functions and tools, which makes it one of the best, without any doubt.

This amount of options has its positive side because we have a lot to choose from and perform many functions, but it also makes it more complicated to navigate through the program itself, sometimes making the steps to achieve a certain task a bit excessive.

It is tedious to spend all day reading emails so that, when we want to carry out a slightly more complicated task, we have to move between a number of different menus.

That is why it is a very good reason to know a series of keyboard shortcuts with which we are going to make the speed to perform certain tasks infinitely greater than what we have right now.

Let’s go over five of the simplest and most commonly used keyboard shortcuts for Outlook .

fast response

If you are one of those people who receive many emails and who try to answer them all, then a shortcut will come in handy to help you in this urgent need.

What you need is to use the Ctrl + R shortcut .

When you have an email open in your message window, this shortcut immediately opens the reply window with the subject line pre-populated, just as if you had hit the Reply button.

After that, all you have to do is write the answer, attach a file if you see it as necessary, and click Send as you normally do.

It’s handy in another way, too, since if you don’t have any emails open, Ctrl + R will automatically reply to the first one in your inbox , opening the reply for you to complete.

What you should keep in mind is that if there is more than one sender, this shortcut will only reply to the original sender and not to anyone else in the To or CC or BCC fields.

New mail

If what we want is to write a new email, we can use the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M . to open a new email window , where you can enter the emails of your recipients, the subject of your message, and the body of the email itself.

This access will work anywhere in the program where we are, be it the inbox, the calendar or in Tasks.

This is excellent news, since if we are in the Calendar, but we remember that we have to send an email, just pressing Ctrl + Shift + M will take us to the window to write a new message.

The 5 views of Outlook

Every time we start Outlook tips it appears in the inbox, something that makes sense, since we are talking about a program to receive and send emails, and this part is where you can control everything.

In any case, if we work with the different parts of Outlook on a regular basis, it is a good idea to take into account the shortcut Ctrl + a number from 1 to 5 .

Ctrl + 1: Mail

The main part of Outlook is the area where all the email accounts we have are concentrated.

If we are in another view such as Calendar or Contacts, we can quickly return to everything that is in Mail view by pressing Ctrl + 1 .

At that time we will have the option of reading those that have entered, writing or deleting those that we do not want.

Ctrl + 2: Calendar

Thanks to the Calendar that Outlook has, we will be able to write down what we want every day, organize meetings and send invitations to others. This is something that allows us to check both your emails and the agenda for the month without having to open several different windows.

There’s an easy way to switch to Calendar view from any of the Outlook tabs. Just press Ctrl + 2 .

This will automatically open our calendar in the default view that we have configured, since we can see one calendar next to another or see the Day, Work Week or Month views.

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