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I am a professional writer and blogger. I’m researching and writing about innovation, Blockchain, technology, business, and the latest marketing trends. – The anime was embraced by a large number of people in many parts and gained fans. In this collection, we list some of our favorite Dragon Ball franchises. You have to find an anime website (if you keep reading you will find the best websites to watch anime) that will show you the latest shows on TV. The application may also provide access to content. The technological popularity of anime is explained by the captivating narratives it tells, the charming characters, the interesting topics it addresses, and the value of the teachings – among other things it provides.



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Anime sometimes called anime describes the traditional animation genre of Japan. Anime has had a huge expansion in Japan as a product of commerce and cultural entertainment that has created a social phenomenon in the masses and a form of technical art. It could somehow appeal to any age audience, youth, teens, and adults. At the beginning of its production, it was made by hand and then digitally retouched and assembled, although many basic tasks such as coloring or visual effects are done using digital tools.



Apart from the manga page mentioned above, it is also possible to enjoy the anime genre through mobile applications. You will have applications to watch anime.


Amazon Prime Video is an application to watch anime


Amazon Prime Video before talking about the anime what can you watch, you have a free 30-day trial (and let me know that the latest My Hero academia anime movie is already available to watch) it also provides an online viewing system for paid content and offers the best anime classics. Prime offers anime titles like Death Notes Blades a “Moment”, Attack on Titan, and others. To watch Amazon Prime videos, you’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription, as well as access to our account on both sites. The Prime Video app supports smartphones and TVs. We will download it in our stores or Google Play for Android.



This site gives you access to almost endless collections of Japanese anime so you can explore this growing universe online. Assist Luffy in his quest to become King of the Pirates, fighting Goku and his friends against the strongest opponents. There are many more tales to come.



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Crunchyroll is a good service for watching anime. Crunchyroll is considered the best platform to watch Japanese animated series and it can never fail. Although this website includes many paid versions available for purchase, this also allows you to enjoy the contents for free, although you will have to watch ads to get a better product quality than the premium versions. Crunchyroll’s catalog can be read online or offline from any PC, but it has an app for Android and iOS. We could call it an amalgamation of streaming sites like Netflix but mostly focused on anime.


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PlutoTV allows you to access legal anime streaming channels. I have yet to meet anyone with no knowledge of TV planets. These are streaming content services that allow the viewing of low-cost content – ​​TV shows, for example. Pluto TV is mostly dedicated to anime content unlike other websites on this list, but there are several series that are intriguing. Also, the uses are completely free and legal. The Pluto Televisions anime series is more limited in its catalog compared to others and we explained it recently. However, it includes important titles.


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The Funimation catalog can be accessed through a VPN service. Funimation offers another useful alternative, it is one of the best websites to watch anime used by the Anglo-Saxon population. Although anime is dominated by many anime series, most of them are written in English. The best way to get into its catalog is to buy a subscription, so you can get the feature it offers without restrictions. But you can view it freely if it is allowed. However, there is a negative fact that you must take into account: it is a platform that has never been used in Spanish. The other alternative may be on the same list.

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