The mysterious blue box of Steve Jobs that changed the history of Apple

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Blue Box of Steve Jobs, was a hacker. One that allowed dozens of people to call anywhere in the world without paying a single penny. This is his story.

Apple founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs had a brief and highly illegal business manufacturing and selling phone hacking equipment before founding Apple Computer in 1976. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, keep reading, as this is the story of Apple’s blue box.

Designed by Steve Wozniak, the blue box was the first Lennon & McCartney collaboration of the digital age. The couple sold between 40 (Wozniak’s estimate) and 100 (Jobs’ estimate) blue boxes for $170 each before they were nearly caught by the police and went out of business.

For Wozniak and Steve Jobs, it was not a big problem, since each box took a day to build and since the cost of the components represented the majority of the price, the risk/benefit ratio was very unfavorable for the product: the activities Highly illegal ones usually only survive if there is a spectacular return on investment that outweighs the risk.

Four years later, the two created their second company together: Apple Computer, which today is worth about 1.967 trillion dollars. What is said soon?

What was the blue box of the founders of Apple used for?

It’s no wonder Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs’ blue box was innovative and the world’s first digital hacking tool, as all such gadgets previously used by hackers were analog.

Phreakers (phone hackers) used these devices to cheat the telephone system and make free calls anywhere in the world, in addition to many other highly illegal practices. Blue Box of Steve Jobs

In a 1995 interview, Jobs said of the blue box: ” We were so fascinated by them that Woz and I figured out how to build one. We built the best in the world, the world’s first digital blue box. We gave them to our friends and used them. we” .

” Experiences like that taught us the power of ideas. The power to understand that if you can build this box, you can control hundreds of billions of dollars around the world, that’s a powerful thing. If we hadn’t made blue boxes, there wouldn’t have Apple existed “, explained the genius.

As the blue boxes were highly illegal and were confiscated and destroyed if found by the authorities, very few are known to remain. Hence, in 2017, a complete blue box sold at auction for $125,000. AY, if Steve Jobs raised his head.

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