The new Apple iPad, discounted in time for Kings

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A few months ago, Apple introduced the new iPad with significant price reductions.

It goes without saying that the iPads are the primary reference and the rival to beat in the flourishing sector of tablets. However, in their latest generation, they have taken a massive leap in price, giving low-cost competitors some scope. With Android, like the Xiaomi tablet, which is much cheaper.

That said, if you have decided yes or yes that you want one of the new iPads, 2022, there is good news: the yellow one with 64 GB of storage is significantly reduced in price on Amazon, which has it on sale for 529 euros.

They are about 50 euros discount compared to the original price. In other shades, they also have a bargain, but somewhat less. Likewise, yellow is undoubtedly one of the most demanded by users, as has happened with other colored products from the same brand.

The performance of this 10th Generation iPad is by all accounts excellent, with a great screen and the ability to move any iPad OS app without breaking a sweat, as well as good long-term durability beyond the reach of virtually any competition.

The main differentiating feature of Apple products, and iPads in particular, is that the person who buys them does so knowing that they have had a device for a while and that they are not going to start working slowly in one or two years with system updates. Operational for a long time.

The 2022 iPad promises that and more since it comes with an Apple A14 Bionic processor and 4 GB of RAM, more than enough for everything you need from a tablet, be it drawing and painting, writing, or watching series and movies. Or even play.

The new design, with more color and straighter lines, makes it much more manageable and lighter. We must add the USB Type C that is finally beginning to make its way into Apple products, undoubtedly because the European Union will force all manufacturers to adopt it in the medium term.

Since the discount comes from Amazon, it is an excellent opportunity to buy and have it at home before Three Kings, especially if you have an Amazon Prime account. If you do not have it, you can take the opportunity to sign up for the free trial month without permanence.


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