The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is this resistant.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – One thing is the technical specifications, another quite different are the falls to two meters against the ground. And since we dedicate ourselves to the first, we leave the second to the professionals of technological torture.

With the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra poised to become the new king of Android (when it goes on sale in a week), we already know everything there is to know about it. We ourselves have our first impressions after two weeks with the phone on the test bench.

Well, we know almost everything about the device, because we haven’t done durability tests on it. For that there are others. Like, for example, the genius gadget torturer JerryRigEverything, has taken a Samsung unit to find out how long it lasts under fire and knives.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra, like its two siblings, is one of the first phones to use Gorilla Glass Victus 2. Corning’s latest glass composition is said to survive drops of up to 1 meter onto a hard concrete surface.

Despite the improved drop protection, the screen started to get scratched at the same Mohls level 6 that the Galaxy S22 Ultra also started to get scratched at last year. At level 7, deeper grooves were made in the crystal. So the improvements remain in borage water.

A video not suitable for the sensitive: this is how it destroys Samsung’s new top-of-the-range Galaxy

The sides of the Galaxy S23 Ultra are made of armored aluminum. The side buttons come off easily with a sharp tool that, to be fair, still outperforms the Pixel 7 Pro. A phone that competes head-to-head in everything else.

While the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy S23 Ultra breaks like a simple cookie, the screen works without a problem when it has a lighter flame held over it for a minute.

By the way, the Galaxy S23 Ultra withstood the malleability test like no other, since it did not break or bend at any time, no matter how much force the engineer exerted on it: ” rigid as a rock ” and ” structurally solid “.

Overall, it looks like the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a solid device that would probably be even more so with a case and screen protector. The video hurts to watch, but the truth is that Samsung has done a good job, as long as you are not a psychopath of scratches and fire.

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