Thing from the Netflix series Wednesday, human or robotic hand?

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After the successful launch of Wednesday, the new Netflix series, many have wondered how they made Thing. We have two versions, the original and the promotion that Netflix did in New York, which stunned everyone.

Even though Jenna Ortega has captivated our hearts as the protagonist of the new Netflix series Wednesday, fans are overjoyed for Thing, her faithful companion and revelation star of this series.

And it is that many questions revolve around this character: What is real on Wednesday? Who plays Thing on Wednesday? And how did you shoot the scenes for Thing?

Well, just like in the 1960s series and the Addams Family movies, Thing is played by an actor, not by an animatronic or CGI, as many assumed had been done in the series.

Victor Dorabantu, a magician from Romania, landed the role of Thing for the Netflix series and has shared several videos and photos of how he brought the character to life. Although the hand is natural, some visual effects were incorporated to achieve that severed look. To do this, Dorabantu put on a chroma-blue suit, and his face and body were edited in post-production.

As our colleagues from Hobby Consoles comment, Thing is a fundamental part of the first season of the Netflix original series. Throughout the eight episodes, Cosa not only watches over the young woman but collaborates with her to investigate the mystery that lurks in Nunca Más and, incidentally, tries to get Wednesday to make new friends.

An essential part of the prosthetic design was the stump placed on top of Dorabantu’s hand. “The final design for Thing – dirty, cut and sewn – was Burton’s ultimate vision. He did a sketch. We had an artist do sketches, but he went with a little sketch that he did himself ,” Versluis said.

However, Netflix has wanted to surprise and further promote the series by making Thing appear in real life, on public roads, and the best thing has been to use an animatronic. We will tell you how it was created.

A robotic hand to promote the Netflix series Wednesday

Logically, if you want to promote this tremendous original series on the platform properly, you cannot take Dorabantu and have him walk the streets with Thing. That is why Netflix has curled the loop and has used an animatronic hand to take a walk through New York and surprise passers-by.

This one can make almost any movement, is remote controlled, like a remote control car, and contains various types of silicone that perfectly imitate the appearance of human flesh.

For this creation, Netflix contacted Raptor House Effects (RHFX) and commissioned the robot, which, although it is not entirely perfect (especially if we compare it with the original hand of the series), does It has caused the occasional scare among New Yorkers. Of course, success on the part of Netflix.

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