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The third time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress the most widely used system for content management today was created in 2003. Its founder, Matt Mullenweg, was 18 years old when he began to develop his source code, which he decided to call WordPress. This tool has transformed the way of creating content around the world.

One of the great achievements of WordPress is making it easy for Internet users to create their blogs, without the need for great programming or web design skills. Since its creation, not only have international companies used WordPress, but also many people are interested in telling the world what they think.

Users have found the perfect space to capture their ideas, impressions, experiences, and experiences in the workplace, art, politics, and others.

From its inception, WordPress was developed in the PHP programming language, which was adapted to work in environments that use MySQL database management systems.

As it is free software, users can use the program code to adapt it to their needs and even make improvements, without the need for a license. Thanks to the multiple advantages of WordPress,  it has become one of the most used alternatives to make websites or blogs on different themes.


What can you do with WordPress?

In its beginnings, WordPress was used for the creation of blogs. It currently has more functions due to the evolution of its tools, which can be adapted to the intention of the users and their requirements.

WordPress can be used for lifestyle blogs, entertainment, professional sites, online stores, and membership sites. Let’s delve a little deeper into this topic.


The features that  WordPress offers for blogs  are diverse, among which the following stand out:

  • Ability to differentiate between posts and pages.
  • WYSIWYG editor plugins to make posts easier.
  • Posts, tags, and categories to create a richer content organization system.
  • Options for users to leave comments so that the site administrator can easily moderate them.

The advantage of blogging on WordPress is that it is very easy to customize. The software has a wide range of themes that can be adapted to different topics, such as news, magazines, and mosaic designs, among others.

In addition to this, it is also very easy to add buttons that help users to follow the social networks of the company or brand, or even tweet the same content without having to leave the site.

Professional portfolios

WordPress also offers a wide variety of professional portfolio themes. You can customize these as you wish to show your brand to users. For example, you can implement its pages feature for your home page, about page, contact page, etc.; while the posts functionality can be used for specific pieces that you want to stand out from the rest on the site, be it images, text, audio, or videos.

Commercial websites

A business website needs to take even more advantage of the benefits of WordPress since in many cases it usually contains more pages and publications than a blog or personal site; therefore, you require additional functionalities. The good news is that the software has built-in CMS (content management system) capabilities, as well as the open-source option to configure your site with all the features and options you need to meet your needs.

In addition to choosing a specialized theme for business websites, you can also complement it with good SEO optimization. In this way, you can attract more leads  (with the help of a form). Do not forget to also include analysis tools to gradually determine what your customers prefer.

Third time Lucky How I Conquered WordPress eCommerce stores

Today more than ever, WordPress has become a comprehensive solution for creating online stores. It has plugins like WooCommerce to manage your products, payments, and shipping, and, at the same time, you have an optimal website to meet the needs of navigation and user experience.

Mobile apps

It may be much more convenient for some users to access your site’s features through a mobile app, rather than a browser. Application development can require a high level of investment, but WordPress plugins give you the ability to turn your site into an application without complications.

Third time Lucky How i Conquered WordPress Membership sites

If you are looking to monetize your efforts by restricting premium content to members only, WordPress supports plugins for creating membership sites. You will be able to manage payments, set member levels, and monitor subscriptions.

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