Top 3 crypto exchanges in 2023 that guarantee robust security

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With the invention of cryptocurrency, people are now showing interest in grasping knowledge about Achain price prediction, steps for GDAX to Binance transfer, and altcoin discussion. And all these topics can be searched at Cryptoknowmics, one of the best trading view indicators. Well, today we are going to list down some of the crypto exchanges of 2023, that guarantee strong security.

What are crypto exchanges?

Crypto exchanges can be defined as those platforms where traders can buy, sell, and convert different cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. They are very important for crypto assets to be traded at scale to what they are present currently. Some of the exchanges provide the most competitive speeds or prices, whereas, other facilitate special financial products.

2022: the bearish year for cryptocurrency

2022 has not been a good year for cryptocurrency. Many big organizations are still facing a bad time from several industry scandals and the plummeting phase of crypto prices that had already begun in late 2021. They either called for bankruptcy or stopped customer withdrawals. One major example is the closure of the FTX exchange which was caused after its deal with Binance got unraveled.

Top 3 picks of cryptocurrency exchanges of 2023

Now let’s come back to our topic based on some of the top crypto exchanges of 2023.


Any beginner who wants to experience crypto trading for the first time must refer to the Coinbase exchange. It fares well with its inherent, user-friendly interface, a simple process of buying, and a broad collection of educational material. And another reason is the wide selection of cryptos. But it has two major demerits. One is its fee structure which is not simple to understand at once. And another downside is the high fees in comparison to other top exchanges.


The next in the top list of crypto exchanges of 2023 is Kraken. One of the oldest exchanges, this platform fares in minimum fees, robust security standards, crypto staking, and margin trading. Like Coinbase, this exchange also has two major downsides. If you are living in the United States, then sorry to disappoint you Kraken is not available at your service. Next is the option for funding through fiat currencies is very limited.


Bisq also comes in the top list of crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken. This exchange is supportive of trading a broad selection of coins and regular currencies. It also features payment methods in a wide variety. It does not have a rigid long process of verification. Like the above two exchanges, Bisq also has its share of demerits. Its mobile version is only operational for notifications. And you can only trade BTC or BSQ.

Ending note

Bisq, Coinbase, and Kraken are the three major cryptocurrency exchanges that you can look up to in March 2023. There are other alternatives in the list of crypto trading platforms which you can read about by signing up on the Cryptoknowmics website. It is the best crypto guide for all beginners who are new to the crypto space.

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