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For professionals collaborating with the moving business, understanding and interpreting terminology is crucial. Residents and clients are assisted in understanding and managing their relocation process by property management firms and Narellan removalists. The key glossary of moving terms is a useful tool for responding to queries from clients about moving. Share it with your residents or clients or keep it nearby for fast reference. Here are some common moving terms you may encounter during the moving process:
  1. Bill of Lading: A document that outlines the agreement between the mover and the customer, including the details of the move, the items being transported, and the cost.
  2. Carrier: The company responsible for transporting your belongings from your old home to your new home.
  3. Estimate: An approximation of the cost of the move, based on the details provided to the moving company.
  4. Inventory: A list of all items that will be transported during the move.
  5. Loading and Unloading: The process of loading your belongings onto the moving truck at your old home and unloading them at your new home.
  6. Moving Insurance: Insurance coverage that protects your belongings during the move.
  7. Packing Materials: Materials such as boxes, tape, and packing paper used to pack your belongings for the move.
  8. Packing Service: A service provided by the moving company that involves packing your belongings for the move.
  9. Storage: A service provided by some moving companies that allows you to store your belongings in a secure location until you are ready to move into your new home.
  10. Transit Time: The time it takes for your belongings to be transported from your old home to your new home.
  11. Full-Service Mover: The most typical type of moving company will transport all of your possessions from your old address to your new address. All of the belongings are removed from the rooms in your old house and delivered to the corresponding rooms in your new house. To keep them safe while shipping, each piece of furniture is covered in blankets. Along with comprehensive packing and unpacking services, full-service Parramatta removalists also offer appliance service for an added fee.
Knowing these terms can help you better understand the moving process and communicate effectively with your moving company.

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