What is Google Flights, and how it works

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Google Flights or Google Flights is one of the best options to organize your vacations and get cheap flights. Its main function is to find flights at the best price and we will tell you how it works and the tricks of the Google cheap flight search engine.

Update: in addition to all the information that we show you about Google Flights, we have also incorporated a series of tricks that can be perfect to combine with the Google search engine and thus save even more money.

Google Flights will be one of your best allies to organize your trips and getaways if you are one of those who are always looking for cheap flights and want to discover new places without having to pay more for your flights.

The Google service acts as a flight comparator based on the prices of the main airlines that operate at the origin and destination airports to find the fastest and most affordable option for your flights from your mobile or computer.

In this Google Flights guide, we are going to tell you how it works and some tricks from the Google cheap flight search engine so that you can save on your next vacation.

Google Flights is a very simple and useful platform, I’m sure that with the advice that we are going to give you, they will be of great help on your next big trip.

How to find cheap flights with Google Flights:

  • What is Google Flight?
  • Enter the details of your trip
  • Adjust your search data
  • Find flights at the best price
  • Much more than cheap flights, a full-fledged travel guide
  • Choose your destination with Google Flights
  • Tricks to find cheaper flights

What is Google Flight?

Google Flights or Google Flights is a Google service dedicated to finding the cheapest flights possible, taking into account your destination preferences, dates, and times you want to fly.

The service is integrated into the search engine as another Google tool, adding to well-known options such as Google Photos, Google Maps, or Google Shopping. It is possible to search for it by typing Google Flights in the tab or as we show you in the image.

Once in the tool, you can configure your trips indicating the departure and arrival dates, dates, and times, and even compare the price of the flights with other options such as the train.

Google Flights includes a historical comparator that allows you to find out immediately if the price of a certain flight is cheaper, in the annual average price or if, on the contrary, the price of the flight is more expensive than usual.

If you haven’t used Google Flights yet, this may be an excellent opportunity.

Now we are going to give you all the keys to discover how the Google Flights website works and some tricks from the Google cheap flight search engine .

Enter the details of your trip

The first thing you need to find cheap plane tickets with Google Flights is to enter your trip information on the Google Flights page.

To do this, go to the Google Flights home page. In it, prominently, the fields to configure the trip are shown. Start by indicating if it will be a round trip, how many people will travel, and in what category they will do so. The Tourist category will be the most affordable in all cases.

Next, indicate the airport of origin and the destination you want to travel to. Pay attention to this point as some cities (such as London or New York) have several airports. Try to choose the right airport as some are further away than others from urban centers.

Finally, all that remains is to choose the return and return dates of your trip and click on Search to display all the flight offers.

Adjust your search data

After this first search, the flights available for those destinations and on those specific days are shown. But it will still be necessary to choose the time and company that offers the most interesting prices.

If you want to filter your search a little more, you can choose one of the filters that appear just below the details of your trip. In these filters, you can establish if you want direct flights or if you don’t mind making a stopover to save some money, if you prefer to fly after a certain time, etc. You will have to choose between the cheapest or the most comfortable flights, as usual.

Then, all you have to do is choose the option that best suits your needs in the Best outbound flights and Other outbound flights sections. Select the one that best suits your price and time needs by clicking on Select flight. When displaying each flight option, the details of departure and arrival at the destination are shown. Then choose the return flight in the same way.

Once the flights are selected, Google Flights shows you a summary. If you are not satisfied with any of the flights, you can rectify it by clicking on Change flight .

If everything is correct, proceed to contract the tickets directly with the airline. To do this, all you have to do is scroll down a bit to the Booking Options section, and click on the Select button .

Immediately afterward, your order will be redirected to the company with which you fly so that you can formalize the payment directly with them. Google Flights helps you choose flights, but it doesn’t sell them.

Notice that just below the Booking Options section there is a box indicating that the flights they are booking are more expensive than usual.

This has little room for a solution when you are forced to travel on very specific dates during the high season (as in the middle of August, for example) but this tool will be very useful to find plane tickets with Google Flights.

Find flights at the best price

To travel cheaply it is essential to have some flexibility in the dates of the flights. Being able to vary the round trip days, you get real bargains, in addition to the option of following prices.

When you have availability of dates for your trip, you can adjust the round trip flights. Just by changing one day before or after, the price of the flight can be reduced by up to 50%.

The best way to see that variation is with the Date Table and Price Chart tools that you’ll find just below your trip data. When you open Table of Dates, Google Flights opens a calendar that shows the prices of the tickets you will have during a certain day of the month.

Take a look at the photo that we attached below and notice that, in the blue box, we have booked an outbound flight on Monday, September 16, and a return flight for Thursday, September 19.

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