Why are Android and Apple removing the location button from smartphones?

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Location is one of the most used tools, both by users and applications that collect this data to offer better services to those who use them. However, Google and Apple are eliminating the quick access button in their most recent operating systems. This is the reason why they do it.

The evolution of mobile phones and their operating systems means that the tools and services they offer are changing. That is why it is expected that you cannot find the same functions (or at least in the same way) on a 2015 mobile compared to one from 2022.

You may not have realized it, but if you have a new phone, the mythical button with which you can activate and deactivate the location may have disappeared. And is that the applications that we use in our day-to-day need and take advantage of every last bit of information to be able to offer better results and services to the user.

Location is not only used to tell where you are but your location history is also used to know the type of places you usually frequent, how you move from one place to another, and with whom, among many other things.

All this is valuable information for apps, which is why smartphone manufacturers are eliminating the button so that you can activate and deactivate this function so that it is always active and working for them.

But this does not mean that if you have a phone with Android 13 or the new iPhone 14, you will always have to have your location active at all times; you just have to go to settings to remove it, but what you will no longer be able to do is from a quick access .

It is true that this does not have to be a bad thing , first because the location is increasingly necessary for different apps to work correctly and if you have it installed, the most normal thing is that you want it to work with its full potential . Second, the location no longer consumes battery continuously , as it used to, so you no longer have to keep turning it on and off to save.

And in the event that what you are concerned about is your security and privacy, especially on the iPhone, but also on Android, more powerful systems have been created specifically designed so that apps only collect strictly necessary data.

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