Why Steve Jobs changed cars every 6 months and drove without a license plate

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Why Steve Jobs changed cars every 6 months? – One of the great mysteries that has always involved Steve Jobs was that blank license plate with which he always circulated and which seemed to go unpunished for any type of fine.

The death of Steve Jobs , in October 2011, made him a myth. Co-founder of Apple and creator of the first computer, he is and will be one of the most influential people in the technology industry. However, like any billionaire, there are always little eccentricities that make him special.

One of the big questions during the life of Steve Jobs has been that habit of changing vehicles every six months and what he missed even more, he never had a license plate on his cars.

We know that Steve Jobs was rich, so he can change vehicles every six months . But when it comes to having the same new Mercedes-Benz SL 55 AMG twice a year, that’s already weird enough.

Steve Jobs was also famous for his penchant for parking in the handicapped space of the car park (a separate topic) but that blank license plate made all the headlines. How did he do it? Did you pay the fine every time you were stopped? Did the California government give you special permission to indulge in that?

This is why Steve Jobs changed cars every 6 months and never had a license plate

Well, the answer is simpler than it seems. The reason for this is that in California there is a law that allows you to drive a new car without registering it for the first six months from its registration date.

So Steve Jobs rented a new car without a license plate and, after six months, when he had to register it by law, he would exchange it for a new one, and the cycle would start again.

“Steve (or someone close to him) discovered a loophole in California vehicle laws. Anyone who had a new car had a maximum of six months to put the issued license plate on it ,” he explains in an old ITWire interview. .

Knowing this, Jobs made an agreement with the leasing company: he would always change cars during the sixth month of the rental, exchanging a silver Mercedes SL55 AMG for an identical one. He would never be in a car six months old, so there was no legal obligation to place the license plates.

As for the real reason for not carrying a license plate, no one knows. Perhaps one of the main reasons is that she just wanted to protect his privacy, or perhaps it is due to his rebellious nature.

In the biography of the Apple co-founder, Walter Isaacson notes that Jobs wanted a license plate without a number to avoid being tracked down, but when asked in interviews after the book’s publication about his biography, the author has not clarified this statement, so it will remain a mystery.

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