Why turning off the smartphone solves many problems

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The truth is that when our smartphone becomes unstable or does not work clearly, the solution that is usually the most effective in most cases is to turn off or restart the mobile. Let’s know why.

The reasons why a smartphone does not work as correctly as possible can be many, and it would be almost impossible to accurately determine even the main ones, since there can be many different combinations.

But it doesn’t matter what problem we have or the incident we are experiencing, since the vast majority of users will ask you the first thing: but have you turned off your mobile and turned it on again?

This is something that is deeply rooted in the thinking and in the way of acting of people who have a smart phone or tablet , since it is usually an effective way to end a very high percentage of incidents

But now we are going to be the ones who ask a question, which not many people would know how to answer. Could you tell us why these failures are solved when we turn the device off and on?

What is restart or turn off a mobile

The reboot and shutdown processes are similar. The difference is that the phone does not turn off completely when we restart it , reaching a point where it is neither really on nor off, which allows it to start our smartphone faster .

The key is that, at the restart, some components of the smartphone remain on and never turn off completely, which causes the restart to be so fast.

When we turn off a phone or tablet, the system stops completely and all the components turn off , without any remaining in what is known as stand-by.

Normally, in what are the resolutions to the problems that arise, the result of carrying out one action or another is the same, since in both cases the terminal reacts the same.

Well, to be exact, there may be small cases, in which the failure is in one of the components that the restart does not turn off and for this reason it is necessary to opt for the other option we are talking about today.

What happens when you turn off the smartphone

The truth is that anyone can understand what happens when we turn off a smartphone, be it Android or iPhone , so explaining that everything stops completely and all the components stop working is something that everyone understands and assumes.

The key to everything shutdown and reboot is RAM . This memory is the one that stores all the data in the short term when the processor of the phone needs it.

This type of memory is present in a lot of devices such as tablets, computers or game consoles .

The data stored in your RAM memory is used to perform all kinds of tasks in any application that we have used from the moment we turned on the device.

For example, when accessing a website or an application that we have already been to, we can open it much faster, since certain data is stored in RAM memory, which allows us to open more quickly and functioning.

Today’s smartphones have RAM memories that range between 4 and 12 GB, although the normal thing is that an average user does not use more than 6 or 8 GB, although there are already smartphones that can get more capacity using part of their internal storage.

Shutting down fixes the problem, why?

Many of the problems that exist with today’s terminals come from the RAM memory and the different failures that it can generate, so turning off the terminal solves it.

It may happen that in said memory data is stored that is corrupt or that is not compatible with a part of the system, therefore, at the time of turning it off, all these saved files are deleted and when turning on the terminal everything is clean , for this reason operation returns to normal.

Another reason why turning off or restarting the mobile can be a good solution is because sometimes the errors come because an app has been loaded incorrectly, causing some problem. If we make the mobile turn off, we will allow these errors to disappear or at least not directly affect the system.

It may also be the case that the system has become corrupt or that when updating it something has failed . The fact of turning off the mobile can solve this problem, since this shutdown makes the system return as it was before said error, in most cases.

Obviously if we open an application and the terminal hangs and does not respond, turning off or restarting the phone is the most viable and advisable solution.

As you have been able to read, the fact of restarting to turn off our smartphone can be the best solution for various problems that arise in our day to day.

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